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Fitness for future mothers


Time for you and your baby

Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth is a wonderful way to connect with your unborn baby. In my classes you will learn postures, relaxation and breathing techniques, affirmations and sound work which may help with labour and delivery. 


These classes will give you the chance to slow down, relax and have some time just for you and your baby. You will also make new and lasting friendships.

Online on Zoom | Tuesdays | 6.00-7.00pm | £60 for a 6-week course | £10 a class in the latter weeks of your pregnancy |


  • Breath – why and how your breath will be your best friend in labour

  • Positions for Labour

  • Optimal Foetal Position

  • Top 10 Tips for Labour         

Each class includes:

  • check-in (meet the others & catch-up)

  • discussion - weekly topic

  • breathing practices

  • gentle postures

  • pelvic floor exercises

  • relaxation

"Just to say thank you for another great session. I find every one so valuable. I'm one of those people that excels at burying their head in the sand and avoiding facing up to anything out of my comfort zone - giving birth definitely in that category! And all the corona stuff makes it even easier to feel so distant from everyone and everything. This being my first pregnancy, I can’t explain how wonderful it is having some form of contact with other new mums and yourself and your advice. As well as the yoga of course! It really gives me a boost and although a challenge, helps me face up to the reality of giving birth and actually take time and make steps to prepare myself mentally for what’s happening now and what’s to come, as well as, and perhaps even more so, than physically!"



Fridays 10.00-10.30am

£5 per session

Join when baby is 6 weeks old and learn breath work and postures to support your pelvic floor and organs.

This time is for YOU. Ask family, friends, and neighbours to sit with baby for 30mins once a week - they will LOVE being asked. Good for you, them and baby.

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby
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