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Personalised Yoga for Daily Practice

1:1 Yoga Therapy

Face-to-face in St Davids, in your home, or on Zoom.

Individual tuition is aimed at developing your own practice, personally designed to meet your needs and lifestyle. This was how Yoga was traditionally taught.


If you want to develop your Yoga, and make it really effective in supporting your life, or you want a Yoga routine to help with a specific need or problem, then this is for you.

Through regular meetings I will work with you to design a practice that you can use on a daily basis at home. The contents of this routine may vary greatly depending on your needs and interests. Typically it will include a number of physical yoga exercises (asana) and some breathing exercises (pranayama). It may also include elements of relaxation, meditation, and we may discuss aspects of lifestyle and diet. 


£50 per hour. Or, book 4 sessions for £180.

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