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Practising yoga once a week is like brushing your teeth once a week - it's better than nothing, but it's advisable to do it more often! During my classes, I mention tips that are useful for those students who choose to practise yoga, meditation or look more into the philosophy at home. Here is a collation of resources to help.

Class Resources: Headliner

Class Homework Practice

Please only use this if you are currently attending a group class with me. I suggest you right-click and download the image so you can visit it whenever you need.

Class Resources: Image


A video (from my bedroom during lockdown!) to help students with twists, which have featured in my group classes recently.

Class Resources: Video

The Science Behind The Practice

Click here to watch a really interesting little 15-minute talk by Stephen Porges on polyvagal theory and its links to chanting, breathing, and posture.

Class Resources: Text

Book Recommendation

Ranju Roy and Dave Charlton, my teachers, have written an incredible book that creates a bridge between the academic philosophy of yoga and the purpose and benefit of practice. It is called Embodying the Yoga Sūtra: Support, Direction, Space

Click here for more information!

Class Resources: Image
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