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The Art of Viniyoga

Currently taking enquiries for a course starting in 2024

Contact me for more information and to register interest.

The Sadhana Mala Art of Viniyoga course will give you a thorough grounding in the principles that underpin Viniyoga in a practical and enjoyable way. This is an equivalent to the BWY Foundation Course, although experience shows that it not only serves as a Foundation Course for students who have not done one before, but is also of interest to experienced students and teachers trained in other approaches, because of its strong approach-specific content.

Online version 

40hrs contact time, with significant additional online learning.


5 days online on Zoom, 2 days face to face weekend in St Davids.

Maximum 6 students


Why do this Course?

  • This course is ideal for keen students who want to understand the principles of Yoga and develop their own practice.

  • It is also a primary requirement for continuing on to the Yoga Teacher Training course, even though the Foundation Course itself is not specifically directed at teaching.

  • This course is also perfect for more experienced students from a different background wishing to understand Viniyoga in some depth and for qualified teachers from other trainings who are interested in doing the Art of Individual Teaching.

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