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Yoga Equipment


30min Early Morning Daily Yoga Practice

During term time on Mon/Tue/Wed at 7.00-7.30am.

Includes short āsana (posture) practice, prānayāma (breath) & meditation.

Sign up for 2 weeks at a time:

Week 1: learn basic practice, receive a copy of it and practice independently for the rest of the week

Week 2: build on the first week, adapt and develop it further, again, practice independently for the rest of the week

Cost: £25 for 6 sessions. Once payment has been made a Zoom link will be sent.

Commitment is for each 2-week course (you do not have to sign up indefinitely).

Email to sign up.

Here's what one of my students had to say:

"I wrote daily feelings and wanted to share with you if I may:

  • Was it a coincidence to do this on the week of easing off from lockdown? It helped tremendously

  • Should not call it a class, it was more like a “rendez-vous”, so I had no option and had to be there.

  • The bonus was to see the sunrise enjoy it, and the delight of contemplating the sun after the gong

filling up the room.

  • The gong, I loved it as it reminded me of India. One of my trips to this fabulous country, was with Yvonne where we visited the Yoga “sanctuary” of a great teacher (forgot the name)

  • The satisfaction of wanting to wake up and be there on time rather than being awake for any other reason (sleeping disorder, anxiety, going to the loo, or any other). Spent so many mornings in bed during lockdown thinking of what to do next and ‘loose’ myself playing with my phone... (by the way I was not so ‘addict’ during this week)

  • Cleared my head and my heart

  • I was particularly moved by the silenced finish, you vanished, it was magic

  • Well-done you for the personal greeting every morning

In other words Lisa, thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed my week. I felt so energised and organised, and made my friends mad for being so cheerful and energetic first thing in the morning.

I know I should feel like that when I do my practise but for some reason I don’t."

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