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Beginners' Class Starting September 7th

One of the consequences of living in such unsettled times is the struggle with physical and mental health concerns. For some, old issues have flared up again, for others negative thinking and new pains have emerged. Many of us are in a constant state of alertness (the government has told us to be alert!) which in itself increases inflammation and impacts our digestive system and sleep patterns.

Yoga is a wonderful way to connect to your body, breath and mind in order to bring a sense of inner peace and comfort - I cannot think of a time when this has been more important. For me personally, my yoga practice has literally been a sanctuary for me recently - it’s place I go to each day where it’s all okay. 

If you would like to give yoga a try, or would like to return to a class after a long break, I am offering a NEW 7-Week Beginners’/Returners’ Yoga Course Online on Zoom, beginning with a taster session on the 7th September.

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