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Why Yoga is Popular with Triathletes

Swimming – Ujjayi breathing, in a yoga practice and in pranayama, extends your overall breath length when practiced regularly over time. This improves the efficiency of your breath whist training and competing, particularly if you struggle to do 2 complete breaths with your head down in front crawl. Cycling – many yoga postures help develop core strength which is so important for cyclists, such as upward raised leg pose below. The quads and knees can be strengthened and suppo

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Head Stand Pose


I live in the heart of St Davids, Pembrokshire, and have been practising and studying Yoga for more than 19 years. I'm a fully qualified teacher having completed the Sadhana Mala Vinyoga Teacher Training Courses, run by Dave Charlton and Ranju Roy. I was a student of Yvonne Summons for more than 10 years and I am so grateful for the guidance all my teachers have given me. 

As a member of the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY), the governing body for Yoga in the UK, I am fully insured.

I only ever have a maximum of 10 students in my classes so that I can give plenty of 1:1 support, adjust students accordingly and offer suitable modifications.

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