Take time to develop your understanding of yoga further in 2020

This course includes discussion on chapter 2 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, chanting, & some asana practice.

It is an 8-month course held on the first Sunday of each month 4.00-6.30pm, in St Davids Wellbeing.
£20 - it is fine to dip in and out as each session can stand-alone.

Themes to be studied:
5 Jan    Kriya Yoga
2 Feb   Klesa 1                         
1 Mar  Klesa 2
5 Apr   Karma
3 May  4 Truths                       
7 Jun    Nature of Prakriti (Guna) 1

2 month break

4 Oct     Nature of Prakriti (Guna) 2
1 Nov   Purusa and Prakriti


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